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I Saw The Sign

ADA Handicapped Parking Sign

How long has it been since you assessed your need for new parking lot signage? Your customers may not be singing “I Saw The Sign” as they walk through your doors; however, it may be your signage that leads customers into (or away from) your shopping center. Along with all the other needs of your parking lot, your signage needs a yearly review. At minimum, take some time in this first quarter of the year to visit every property in your care. Pretend you are the customer, rather than property manager, and ask yourself some key questions.

Question 1: Is my property compliant?

Time waits for no one (yes, we are thick with lyrics today!), and you are no exception. Though your property had ADA compliant signs when you last checked, regulations change over time. We recommend a yearly check of ADA requirements as you visit your parking lots. If your signage is no longer compliant with your local regulations, that is your new number one priority. Check with local experts to determine what regulations apply to your parking lot. Where needed, schedule new van accessible and wheelchair accessible sign installation ASAP! Parking lot signage compliance not only keeps you legal, but also makes your properties welcoming to all.

Question 2: Is my property hospitable?

No one would delay in replacing lights outside of an establishment that is open in the evening. However, property managers easily overlook lopsided and deteriorating signage in parking lots. Dirt particles alone are enough to wear down signs over time. Careless customers, stray shopping carts, rain, wind, and other hazards also limit the life of your signage. If your signs are not legible, potential customers may choose to go elsewhere. Broken posts, graffiti, and other damage will welcome further vandalism and/or carelessness. On the other hand, repaired, clean, and fresh signs promote a hospitable environment in your parking lot. Customers feel comforted that they have parked their vehicle in a safe parking lot; therefore, they can spend more time patronizing your tenant’s businesses.

Question 3: Is my property convenient?

Convenience is key in our fast-paced environment! Many customers will stop by your parking lot on lunch break or on the way home after work. Proper signage makes it easy for people to park and complete their errands quickly. Think about using unique signage to designate more parking spots for those in need of extra convenience. A “15 Minute Parking” sign could be just what your parking lot needs to attract the customer in search of a quick stop. Convenience needs to be king when it comes to customers bearing extra burdens. Aside from ADA compliant signage, what other types of parking lot signs could serve your customers? Try placing a sign for expectant parents and parents with small children spot close to the building. Have you have ever tried to wrangle a toddler while pushing a shopping cart? If so, you know exactly how nice it would be to have a close parking spot! Parents may drive an extra mile to come to your shopping center just for the wonderful convenience of parent parking!

Endless Possibilities

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using parking lot signage to distinguish your parking lot! Property compliance, hospitality, and convenience are three important components of a pristine parking lot. Mark your calendar today for your yearly signage check up and update. Prioritizing signage ensures that you are prioritizing the people who park in your lot.

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