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Labor Day Thank You

Labor Day Thank You

Do you often think about the meaning of Labor Day? We expect that most people probably do not. Labor Day celebrates the American worker! Ingenuity and hard work are what make this country great. Think about those who are worthy of celebration this weekend. Celebrate those who work hard to keep things flowing for you at home and in your business life. As a parking lot owner or manager, your trusted local parking lot expert probably comes to mind! Recount their hard work in a thank you note or online review. Here, we’ll help get you started…

Thank You For Pristine Sweeping

Your parking lot expert sweeps while you sleep! Thank them for peace of mind, for rest, for consistency. The parking lot you own or manage is a billboard for your business. The team that keeps your pavement clean are like artists painting a new billboard for you each night. Your clients feel secure, welcome, and safe because your parking lot is cleaned. Do not let this go unnoticed! Shout your thanks from the mountaintop… or the online reviews! Remember when they removed the debris from your lot right before the major holiday sale? These feats deserve 5 stars.

Construction site managers — where would you be without your specialized sweeping crew keeping you Storm Water Safety compliant? Nails, screws, dirt, chemicals, and debris would flow into the waterways from your site without their aid. Laud your construction sweeping company for their tireless efforts to clean up the mess you make each day.

Thank You For Timely Repairs

Your parking lot needs to be cleaned. But sometimes it needs extra attention. Fortunately, you have the best pavement repair experts on your side. Recognize your favorite local pavement repair crew for their efficient repairs. A job well-done and done on time is a rare thing these days. For you though, long-standing potholes are a thing of the past. Your pavement experts fill cracks and seal your pavement exactly when you ask. That is worth some praise!

Thank You For Attention to Detail

Believe it or not, other areas of your property get mucky! No worries though; those same experts have your back when it comes to cleaning. When you need trash cans emptied and cleaned during the day, they are ready to day porter. Is your signage illegible due to dirt? Not for long! That team you love is on it! Write them a thank you email and ask them where they’d like for you to post a review! You will bless and amaze them (and maybe become their favorite customer!)

Maybe you are reading all of this but do not have anyone to thank yet. You have been doing all the cleaning yourself or asking your employees to stay late and help. Your parking lot rarely gets swept or repaired; when you’re desperate you simply farm those jobs out to the lowest bidder. Do yourself a favor this Labor Day: find a local Parking Lot Advisor who fits the description in this article. Read other customer reviews. Make sure you have someone on your side who will provide pristine sweeping, timely repairs, and attention to detail. Happy Labor Day! Now go put your feet up – after all you’re a hard-working American too – enjoy!

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