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A Plan for the Holidays

A Plan for the Holidays

Deck the halls, and have a holly jolly Christmas. It is all planned out, right? In our personal lives, we tend to over-plan this time of year. But what about your parking lot? Have you made a plan for the Holidays? With extended holiday hours at retail shops and large gatherings in restaurants, a plan […]

Labor Day Thank You

Labor Day Thank You

Do you often think about the meaning of Labor Day? We expect that most people probably do not. Labor Day celebrates the American worker! Ingenuity and hard work are what make this country great. Think about those who are worthy of celebration this weekend. Celebrate those who work hard to keep things flowing for you […]

Sink or Sealcoat

Depending on where you live, you may be starting to feel a cool breeze or two. That’s right – the end of Summer is only one month away! You made it through one of the hottest Summers in recent years in one piece. But did your parking lot? We have been guiding you all year […]

Show the Earth Some Love

Show The Earth Some Love

Happy Earth Day! What are you and your business doing to improve the planet? You probably went paperless awhile ago. Most companies and individuals opt for digital bills these days. Reusable straws are a more common sight. Maybe the restaurants on your properties have done away with straws altogether. These actions are a step in […]

Safety in Speed Bumps (and humps)!

You have a problem. Traffic is blazing through your parking lot. You have even noticed a decrease in customers due to the safety risk! What can you do? Or maybe you manage a neighborhood Home Owner’s Association with teenage drivers racing down your main roads. Dogs and people alike are dodging traffic on their daily […]

I Saw The Sign

ADA Handicapped Parking Sign

How long has it been since you assessed your need for new parking lot signage? Your customers may not be singing “I Saw The Sign” as they walk through your doors; however, it may be your signage that leads customers into (or away from) your shopping center. Along with all the other needs of your […]