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Pavement Madness!

Pavement Madness

February is ending, and March is fast approaching. Winter is coming to an end. Regardless of your region and weather, March will bring changes to your paved surfaces. The shift in weather, uptick in travelers, and major sports tournaments may leave you wondering how to survive pavement madness! We want to offer you some tips and tricks to stay sane during this month of changes.

Play a Clean Game

All across the nation, fans will gather in stadiums, restaurants, and sports bars to watch big games. They will enjoy fabulous food, watch great games, make memories… and then leave a mess. The camaraderie cannot be beat, but the mess can! Thanks to your local parking lot experts, you can play a clean game. Contact your local parking lot sweeping company to schedule extra sweeps after big games that affect your area. Your tenants are doing all they can to prepare their businesses for an increase in customers. Make sure you are preparing, cleaning, and repairing the pavement outside their establishments as well.

Repair to Reduce Risk

Quick repairs are the name of the game when it comes to high-traffic areas during busy seasons. The last thing you need is a lawsuit from someone who is injured due to unkempt pavement. Your parking lot or street sweeping company may offer pavement repair; ask them to notify you immediately of repair needs they notice when sweeping. If they do not offer pothole repair, seek out a local pavement expert who does offer this service. Check regularly for needed repairs, and call your pavement expert to make repairs. Repair your pavement quickly, and reduce the risk to your tenants and their customers.

Employ a Spring Pavement Strategy

Parking Lot Advisor wants to help you think about your pavement strategy. Do you feel like you are always playing catch up when it comes to cleaning and repairing your lot? Then it is time for a change. Sit down with a spring calendar and think through these questions:

  • Do travelers often come to or through my city for spring vacations?
  • Is my pavement impacted by spring community events, sports, or school events?
  • Which springtime holidays will cause my pavement to experience an increase in litter?

As you answer each question and mark your calendar, you will start to see a strategy form. You will see where you need to add extra one-time sweeps. If you need to plan additional sweeps for the entire season, you will see that too. As you assess your need for pavement repairs, you may find more needs you weren’t aware of. This process can be time-consuming, but it pays off! If you cannot invest the time, call your local parking lot experts. They will be happy to help form a strategy that suits your pavement.

Do Not Settle

Do not settle for pavement madness this Spring! Play a clean game with parking lot sweeping. Repair pavement quickly to reduce risk. Employ a spring pavement strategy for optimal success. Finally, stay tuned to Parking Lot Advisor for more seasonal ideas for avoiding pavement madness. We are bringing you the tools you need to manage your paved surfaces.

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