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Safety in Speed Bumps (and humps)!

You have a problem. Traffic is blazing through your parking lot. You have even noticed a decrease in customers due to the safety risk! What can you do? Or maybe you manage a neighborhood Home Owner’s Association with teenage drivers racing down your main roads. Dogs and people alike are dodging traffic on their daily walks! How can you slow the vehicles down safely? You can find safety in speed bumps (or humps)!

Safety in Bumps

Parking lots often feel a little more like speed tracks, especially in highly traveled areas. The main drives are almost impassable during busy times. Let’s face it: your parking lot resembles the Fast and the Furious. The solution?: Stop them with a bump. Not quite a full stop, but speed bumps will generally slow traffic down to 2 – 5mph. Pedestrian traffic can then move safely through the lot. Make sure you give drivers plenty of warning with a sign a few feet ahead of the bump so they can slow down. This minimizes damage to undercarriages of vehicles. The slower flow of traffic creates a safe space for patrons and happy tenants!

Safety in Humps

The speed limit signs in your neighborhood seem to mean nothing to someone who is running late! The situation has become dangerous with cars blazing past pedestrians and pets, cyclists and scooters. Slow them with a hump. Speed humps allow for the flow of traffic to continue but at a safer speed. A sign will help alert drivers to the humps approaching; however, the slight rise and fall of the hump is less disruptive to drivers. The result?: Fewer wrecks in your neighborhood and happier homeowners!

Safety in Signs

As noted above, proper signage is important when using speed humps or speed bumps. Your customers will be grateful for the heads up. Local ordinances may even require signage installation in the presence of speed humps and speed bumps. Be sure to provide this safety feature and stay in accord with your local requirements. A local parking lot expert can advise you and provide installation. Most companies will install the signage and bumps or humps simultaneously for simplicity. Your fast and furious traffic problem will be solved and you can move on to bigger and better projects.

Safety in Expert Advice

Still confused as to how to slow the traffic on your property? A local expert can help advise you on where you should use speed bumps and humps to make your lots safer. A good rule of thumb is this: Speed bumps are best for pedestrian crossings in parking lots. Speed humps are best for neighborhood roads. Though speed bumps and humps are not popular among drivers, they are a useful safety feature. Fewer accidents and near misses are well worth the literal bumps in the road. To maintain your parking lot or road more safely, consider the use of speed bumps or speed humps. For questions about spacing and required signage, contact your locals parking lot advisor today!

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