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A Plan for the Holidays

A Plan for the Holidays

Deck the halls, and have a holly jolly Christmas. It is all planned out, right? In our personal lives, we tend to over-plan this time of year. But what about your parking lot? Have you made a plan for the Holidays? With extended holiday hours at retail shops and large gatherings in restaurants, a plan is a must. Yet, with everything else going on, it is easy to forget the details in your parking lot. Let’s explore the main points of a parking lot plan for the Holidays.

Light the Lights!

No, we do not mean the lights on the tree! For the safety of customers and success of businesses, outdoor lighting must be maintained. Extended holiday store hours and fewer hours of daylight require your lights to be in use more than usual. Parking lot lights, lampposts, and all other outdoor lighting must be maintained. Be sure you are prepared to refresh lights regularly. Better yet, partner with a local parking lot advisor and request they change lights for you. One less thing on your to-do list this Holiday Season!

Repair Rapidly!

Lights bring a certain amount of safety to a parking lot. Yet, a lot that is in disrepair is dangerous as well! Additionally, damaged lots turn away paying customers for your tenants. Unhappy customers = unhappy tenants = unhappy you! Keep everyone joyful this holiday season with rapid parking lot repairs. Talk with a local repair company for all your parking lot repair needs. Seek out a company that has you covered for asphalt, concrete, and signage repairs. All are important this time of year! And an all-in-one company will reduce your need to contract several partners for your repairs.

Sweep, Sweep, Sweep!

Your regular sweeping schedule is not enough to keep up with the extra traffic this time of year! More patrons equals more litter. Partner with a local sweeping company to make a plan for swift removal of litter. A clean lot is more welcoming to customers and deters vandalism. If your lot is well card for and visited often, fewer loiterers will find it to be inviting. Inviting to customers and uninviting to loiterers – that’s the goal!


Your parking lot may be brimming with customers 24/7 right now. Or maybe, you just have a few extra busy days due to craft fairs or holiday parties. Whatever the case, it is important to personalize your parking lot plan for the Holidays! Remember to hire traffic control if necessary. Request proper signage for traffic-flow changes. And always consult with your local parking lot advisor. Heed their trusted recommendations for your parking lot needs this season.

A parking lot plan for the Holidays is simple. Light the lights, rapidly repair as needed, sweep, sweep, sweep, and personalize your plan! The details are just as important for your parking lot as they are for your personal Holiday Season. Follow our recommendations for your parking lot. This Holiday Season is sure to be a Holly Jolly for your tenants, customers, and you!

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