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Seasonal Sweeping

With November on the horizon, Jack-O-Lanterns are on their way out. “The Holidays” (you know, those ones, the ones that bring all the shoppers) are here! Our lives are different this time of year. More parties, more goodies, more presents, more celebrating! So why treat your parking lot any different? It’s time to consider more seasonal sweeping! A few additional sweeps will have your parking lot sparkling all holiday season long!

Regular Sweeping Adjustments

Your regular weekly sweeps may not be enough now, considering additional holiday patrons. Your schedule may also need some adjustments due to longer seasonal hours. You would not want a sweeper truck coming through your lot two hours before your last shoppers leave! Give your local parking lot advisor a call to discuss your new adjusted schedule. They can bring the expertise you need to add and adjust weekly sweeps. Your pavement won’t miss a beat this season!

Sales Adjustments

You have adjusted the price tags. You hired the extra employees. You put out the signs. (Or maybe your tenants did all this work!) Regardless of who did the hard work pre-sale, do not let it go to waste! In order to truly sweep in the sales, your parking lot needs extra sweeps before and after the big days. And let’s face it, we aren’t just talking about the Friday after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Any extra sales, promotions, or even events (Santa visits, anyone?) require extra sweeps. A quick chat with your local parking lot sweeping company can help you identify your needs. Do not let another moment pass before you call them!

Leaf Adjustments

There is one big seasonal mess that nature LEAVES for us. That’s right. Leaves. While beautiful on the trees, autumn leaves become a hazard on the ground. They can hide larger, harmful debris and cause punctured tires or injuries that become your liability. Leaves also can hide trash. And when those leaves enter the streams and waterways, they take trash with them! Do not let your autumn leaves become a liability for you and the environment. You need to make leaf adjustments to your sweeping schedule ASAP.

Clutter Adjustments

While we all want to believe the best about our patrons this season, sometimes carelessness wins the day. Especially after a long night camping out before a big sale, people tend to leave clutter behind. Whether an energy drink bottle, a lost jacket, or a full blown mattress, this large debris and trash are your problem now. Talk with your local parking lot sweeping company and discuss adding debris removal to your regular parking lot sweeping. Often companies are happy to help you identify and remove clutter before it becomes a larger issue. Debris attracts more dumping, so quick removal is key!

Welcome this holiday season with open arms, knowing your parking lot is taken care of. Talk to a local pavement maintenance company about your need to adjust your sweeps. Make sure to adjust for regular sweeping, sales, leaves, and clutter! Then, you’ll be ringing in the New year in style after a successful holiday sweeping season.

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