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Happy Holi-Day Portering!

Happy holi-day portering!

Has the hustle and bustle hit you yet? Whether you have managed to stay calm or not, we know your shopping centers are full of traffic! The sales are in full swing and so are the shoppers. Extended holiday hours mean parking lots remain full and messy longer. Do not let the trash build up this Holiday season. Let’s chat about day porters and how they can aid you in your never ending quest for a clean lot! We promise you’ll be singing “happy holi-day portering!”

Efficient Trash Removal

Are you or your tenants noticing your trash cans overflowing around midday? Unfortunately, customers are not tidier during extended shopping hours. It is no fault of their own; but now it has become your problem. You may not think of them this way, but your trash cans are often the first impression of your business. After all, they are on the exterior of your building. Before a customer even enters the premises, your garbage receptacles declare either “welcome!” or “keep out!” Fortunately, there is a simple solution to the overflowing trash can dilemma: day porters. Your local sweeping company typically will provide this service upon request. The day porter crew arrives at your requested time, discreetly changes trash liners, and hand-picks litter. Your first impression is now a sparkling “welcome!” once more. A Christmas miracle, indeed.

Large Debris Hauling

The Holidays tend to send some people into a de-cluttering frenzy. And where to dump all that clutter? Why, your parking lot, of course! If it isn’t de-cluttering, it’s all that extra packaging from black Friday shopping. TV boxes, anyone? Either way, that debris becomes a bigger issue when left to sit long-term in your lot. Debris invites more debris, and potentially even vandalism. Contact your local sweeping company today to contract debris removal! Some parking lot sweeping companies offer debris hauling as part of day porter service; others offer it separately. Ask your contracted company to handle removal of any large debris when they come to remove trash. The less time debris spends on your property the better!

Window and Surface Cleaning

Window shopping is in full swing! Your tenants put countless hours into displaying their beautiful products. The garland, lights, toys, handmade jewelry, and more are immaculate. It would be a shame to have those gorgeous displays hidden behind smudges and dirt. Ensure your shoppers can see what is behind the windows with day portering! Ask your day porter crew to lookout for dirty windows and building surfaces. While they are on your property, they can restore it to its sparkling, holiday glow. The window displays will once again be the welcome mat they are intended to be: bringing customers in for another look!

We have only scratched the surface of services provided by day porters! Contact your local trusted parking lot advisor to discuss other options. Day porters can give your property the extra sparkle it needs to really shine this season! We wish a very Happy Holi-Day Portering to you and your property!

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