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Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas, or are those your nightmares? Does the thought of snow and ice covering your parking lots make you think of lost business and unhappy tenants? If so, it is time for you to find a parking lot snow removal partner! “What? These exist?” you may be thinking. If you are new to the property management or ownership game, this question makes sense. Most people only think of shoveling their sidewalk and driveway. When it is a large paved surface, however, you need to call in the pros! So, where to start? We at Parking Lot Advisor want to give you a few tips so you can wake up from the nightmare and truly dream of a white Christmas all Winter long.

Tip #1: Trust

You need to find a snow removal provider you can trust. While we all want to support entrepreneurs, we cannot advise you to hire the 12-year-old down the street with a shovel. Or the 18-year-old who just bought a plow attachment for his truck! Start by asking your parking lot sweeping or repair company who they recommend. Many sweeping and repair companies add snow removal to their list of job offerings during the Winter months. You may be surprised to find the trustworthy company you are looking for is right under your nose! If you still need some recommendations, ask a couple well-known snow removal companies in the area for customer references. Speak directly to people who have had experience with the company you are considering. Ask good questions and use a company trusted by others in the area.

Tip # 2: Contract

When choosing a snow removal contractor, choose one that will create a season-long contract with you. You do not want to try to hire someone at the last minute only to find out they are already booked. Your parking lot may not be cleared until the next day or worse. Make sure your businesses are able to open as usual by signing a snow removal contract.

Tip # 3: Prep

On said contract, make sure snow and ice prep is included! Most companies that provide removal also will prep sidewalks and pavement with brine and/or salt at your request. Prep is key to quicker ice melting and safe snow removal. If the company does not provide brine or salt services, you will need to salt your own sidewalks. Is that really what you want to be doing the night of a beautiful snow? Sounds like a nightmare to us. And we are looking for dreamy white Christmas vibes, remember? Trust us. Find a contractor who will care for the prep as well as removal.

Tip #4: Relax

Now that you have handed the hard work over to the pros, you can relax. Remember to contact your contractor right before a snow or ice event. Confirm what time they will be at your property, then kick back and enjoy the beauty. A white Christmas and winter truly is a dream with a trustworthy contractor on your side.

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