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Sweeper Summit 2022

Sweeper Summit

Sweeper Summit is the only national sweeping industry specific hands on outdoor trade show and conference open to attend for all sweeping industry professionals. This unique conference and trade show draws a wide range of sweeping industry professionals, including professionals affiliated with the North American Power Sweeping Association. (NAPSA) The 2022 Sweeper Summit will take place at Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, Florida on Oct 25th-28th 2022. This year’s Sweeper Summit title sponsor is Schwarze Industries.

Why Sweeper Summit?

At Parking Lot Advisor, we are proud to be affiliated with both NAPSA and the 1-800-SWEEPER organizations. The opportunity offered by Sweeper Summit to network, share knowledge, gain improved operational training, and get the latest industry updates is absolutely unparalleled. We are always amazed at the sheer number of national equipment vendors that make the trip to the world’s largest power sweeping equipment expo and give us the rare opportunity to physically inspect equipment firsthand, and interface one on one with the vendors to get all of our questions answered before we commit to fleet expansion decisions. These interactions allow us the opportunity to acquire the best possible sweeping technologies to ensure the very best results for our clients.

Visit sweepersummit.com for more information.

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