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Salt Sweeping

Have you heard of salt sweeping? No? Well, maybe salt clean-up makes a bit more sense. Either way, if you, like most of the country, have experienced snow lately, you may be in need of salt sweeping! Once the snow melts, the salt used to prep for the snow leaves a mess. Your quick removal of that salt is key to the life of your pavement! Not sure what we are talking about? Keep reading!

Snow Removal

First, we need to make sure of one thing: you have a a snow removal company, right? Surely, you are not just waiting on all that snow to melt! As a property manager or owner, theres nothing worse in winter than being unprepared for snow. Find a company that can pre-salt, plow, shovel, de-ice, and meet all your snowy day needs. The goal is to find a snow removal company so comprehensive that your company can operate as usual. Often, your regular pavement sweeping company offers these services. If not, they probably know a reliable company that does. Start by seeking their recommendation! Get a quote and set up a contract; the next time it snows, you won’t have a care in the world. Sip your hot cocoa and relax!

Power (Salt) Sweeping

Assuming you followed our advice above, your pavement will need to be swept after a snow event. Leftover salt damages pavement over time and looks messy too! Avoid grabbing your broom – call your local pavement sweeping company to add a “salt sweep” to your schedule. This extra sweep will help your pavement weather the winter much more easily. Sweeping away the salt keeps the salt out of pavement crevices; those crevices may become full-blown cracks without that sweep! Eventually, pavement does need repairs. But salt sweeping after a snow event extends the pavement life and keeps repair needs at bay.

Porter Salt Sweeping

Whether you salted your sidewalks or hired a company to pre-salt them, you need to sweep. Well, YOU don’t need to. But someone does! A porter is the perfect solution. Don’t have a day porter service? Ask your local pavement sweeping company if they provide day porter services. Along with their usual tasks (changing trash can liners, cleaning windows, etc.) porters may provide broom sweeping services. The salt that is making a mess of your sidewalks after snow events can become a thing of the past. While you’re at it, ask your porter what other services they provide. They may able to check even more off your property maintenance checklist! A porter is the perfect addition to your property maintenance team!

Your snow removal is important. And your plan for post-snow melt clean up is just as important. Even if the snow in your area threatens to stick around for the next couple of months, make your plan for salt sweeping (or salt clean-up) now. You and your team of power sweepers and day porters will be ready to implement as soon as the snow melts!

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