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Here’s to the Moms, Dads, and Grads!

Celebrate with pristine parking lots!

May is upon us, and with that comes celebrations of all types. Many stores promote sales and events in honor of graduates and parents. In addition to the regular uptick of traffic due to improved weather, these celebrations bring more patrons. Your parking lot will need additional attention to prepare and recover from the excessive traffic! Here’s to the moms, dads, and grads; we’ve got a few parking lot maintenance tips to celebrate you in pristine fashion.

Prepare with Repairs

If you need more than cleaning to prepare your lot, time is running out! If you have a menacing pothole, now is the time to repair. The last thing you need is an unhappy tenant due to a completely preventable issue. We can provide quick repair and stop the disturbing cracks or potholes in their tracks. Call your parking lot advisor today! Schedule those repairs before your big sales and events. 

Before and After Sweeps

Extra sales bring extra traffic. More traffic means more litter. The litter that people drop as they leave your property won’t have a chance to make its way to the ocean; parking lot sweeping will take care of that! When you schedule parking lot sweeping before and after big events, you prevent pollution. Additionally, extra sweeps prepare your lot to serve your patrons better. Who wants to step over a pile of trash on their way to celebrate Mom for Mother’s Day? Or slip on a paper cup after a fantastic meal honoring their graduate? Be sure to contribute to the joyful mood with a pristinely cleaned parking lot. 

Day Porter Services

Day porter services are often-overlooked, yet much-needed for a busy property. The daily flow of traffic does not allow for parking lot sweeping to occur during the day. However, a busy morning in your lot means inevitable trash on you property by afternoon. Patrons arriving for evening meals and shopping will not feel welcome by the litter they find. Our crew can perform day porter services for you during times of lighter traffic; they will carefully remove trash and empty trash cans. Your parking lot will be refreshed and ready for evening traffic.

Traffic Control 

Major events, such as graduations, often require traffic control. This may surprise you, but your local parking lot maintenance company has experience directing traffic. If you anticipate more traffic than your regular signage can manage, call the experts! Asphalt repair companies regularly re-direct traffic to make repairs, so this is nothing new to us. Our traffic control crews can make sure your pedestrians and drivers alike are safe during your big events!
 No celebration should be cause for stress for a parking lot manager or owner. If you have a parking lot advisor on your team, pristine parking lots are no pipe dream. Contact your local parking lot advisor today to make plans for the exciting events to come! So here’s to the moms, dads, and grads: You give us an extra reason to have pristine parking lots this month!

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